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Season 3 of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood premiered on September 5, 2016. The season concluded on July 10, 2018.


# Original airdate Title Plot
301 September 5, 2016 No Red Sweater for Daniel Daniel worries about how he looks when he has to wear a different sweater because his red one is in the wash.
Teacher Harriet's New Hairdo Daniel is taken aback when Teacher Harriet sports a new hairstyle.
302 September 6, 2016 Sharing at the Library Daniel and O share a dinosaur book that they both wanted to check out from the library.
Daniel Shares with Margaret Grandpere gives Daniel a special sticker book that Margaret wants to play with, too.
303 September 7, 2016 Daniel's Allergy Daniel discovers that he's allergic to peaches.
Allergies at School At school during the 100th day, Daniel's teacher and friends help him to avoid peaches
304 September 8, 2016 Daniel Makes a Noise Maker Daniel and Katerina play "super hero helpers" with the help of Baby Margaret's rattle.
Daniel Makes the Neighborhood Daniel, Prince Wednesday, and Miss Elaina take their stuffed toys on a trolley ride through a pretend neighborhood.
305 September 9, 2016 The Neighborhood Fall Festival Daniel and friends lend a hand to Music Man Stan after a gust of wind knocks down his Fall Festival decorations.
Field Day at School Daniel and his friends try new games at Fall Field Day.
306 January 16, 2017 Daniel and O's Road Trip When a rainstorm ruins their pretend trip, Daniel and O made a plan to continue the trip inside.
Daniel's Puppet Plan PLOT
307 January 17, 2017 Daniel and Margaret Play School PLOT
Treasure Hunt at the Castle Daniel, Prince Wednesday and Chrissie cannot decide what to play at the Castle.
308 January 18, 2017 Daniel's Happy Song PLOT
Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday PLOT
309 May 9, 2017 The Lemonade Stand Daniel and Prince Wednesday make a lemonade stand.
Mad at the Beach Dad takes Daniel and Miss Elaina to Jungle Beach.
310 May 11, 2017 Daniel Feels Two Feelings PLOT
The Neighborhood Carnival PLOT
311 May 26, 2017 Tiger Family Trip The Tiger Family goes to Grandpere's house for the first time.
312 May 26, 2017 Visiting Grandpere Daniel notices differences and similarities between Grandpere's home and his own home.
The Tiger Family Goes Back Home Daniel and Grandpere go for a boat ride on the last day of the visit.
313 July 10, 2017 Daniel's Bicycle PLOT
Katerina's Magic Trick PLOT
314 July 11, 2017 Daniel Goes To Sleep PLOT
Prince Wednesday Sleeps Over PLOT
315 July 12, 2017 Daniel Takes His Time PLOT
Sometimes It's Good To Go Slow PLOT
316 September 4, 2017 King Daniel For The Day PLOT
317 September 5, 2017 Firefighters At School PLOT
Daniel's Doll PLOT
318 September 6, 2017 Daniel's Very Different Day PLOT
Class Trip to the Library PLOT
319 September 7, 2017 Daniel Loves Tigey PLOT
Daniel Needs Tigey At School PLOT
320 February 26, 2018 Daniel's Fish Dies PLOT
Daniel's Strawberry Seeds PLOT
321 May 7, 2018 Daniel Wants To Be Alone PLOT
Daniel's Alone Space PLOT
322 May 8, 2018 Daniel Gets Mad At Dad On their way to the Post Office, Dad tells Daniel he cannot play at the playground. Daniel gets angry.
Daniel Gets Mad At His Friends Miss Elaina damages Daniel's project, and he gets mad.
323 May 9, 2018 Daniel Doesn't Want To Go Potty PLOT
Daniel Sits On The Potty PLOT
324 July 9, 2018 Circle Time Squabble At school, Daniel gets furious when Miss Elaina gets more attention from Chrissie and decided he wanted to push her. Instead, he remembers the importance of self control and how to stop himself before his anger continues.
It's Not Okay to Hurt Someone Farmer Daniel is playing Farm with his farm animals, but he gets so furious when Margaret knocks down his fence that wants to hit her. Instead, Daniel learns the importance of self-control, stopping his body as he remembers that it’s okay to be angry, but it is never okay to hurt someone.
325 July 10, 2018 Daniel Learns About Lizards Daniel and Prince Wednesday discover a small lizard in Daniel’s backyard, and they have a lot of questions about it. When they wonder and explore, they can learn so many new things to see.
Daniel Wonders About Trolley Daniel and his friends learn all about their favorite neighborhood Trolley. They want to find out how many passengers can fit.