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Season 1 of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is the debut season for the show. The first episode "Daniel's Birthday" debuted on September 3, 2012. It concluded on February 21, 2014.

This is the only season where Margret wasn't even born yet, due to this is a pre-Margret season. It is also the only season to have Daniel's original age, and the only season to not feature the opening to the live action skit.

Season 1

# Original airdate Title Plot
101 September 3, 2012 Daniel's Birthday Today is Daniel Tiger's birthday! Daniel is very excited to go to Baker Aker’s bakery to help his Mom, Katerina and O The Owl pick out a cake for his party, and is so proud that his mom lets him carry the cake himself. But when they arrive back home after a bumpy ride on Trolley, he discovers that his birthday cake is smooshed! What a disappointment. His father helps him see that there are good things even in a smooshed cake – it’s yummy.
Daniel’s Picnic Daniel Tiger and his friends Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina are having a picnic at the park near the clock factory. When it starts to rain, their picnic is ruined, leaving them very disappointed. Dad Tiger helps them turn their disappointment around with an inside picnic instead – inside the clock factory where the friends find something else good when they get to hear “chime time” together.
102 September 3, 2012 Daniel Visits School Daniel is visiting school for the first time and is a little nervous because he doesn't know what it will be like there. He packs his backpack with his favorite playthings from home – a lot of things! Teacher Harriet shows him around his classroom, and Daniel is surprised to find so many familiar things there. He learns that asking questions is one way to learn about something that’s new – and to feel more comfortable there.
Daniel Visits the Doctor Daniel goes to the doctor for his regular check up. Before his visit, he’s feeling a little uneasy – about one stripe scared, even if he knows he will not need to get a shot. Daniel and Mom Tiger talk, draw and play about some of the things that Dr. Anna will use – a stethoscope, an otoscope, a scale and more. With Tigey and his homemade doctor book in hand, Daniel learns that it also helps to talk with Dr. Anna about what will happen.
103 September 4, 2012 Daniel's Babysitter Mom and Dad Tiger are going out for the evening, and Prince Tuesday comes to be Daniel’s babysitter. As Daniel gets ready for bed, he misses his Mom and Dad. But Prince Tuesday reminds him that his parents will be back soon. When Tigey goes missing right before bedtime, Daniel learns what a grr-ific babysitter Prince Tuesday is. And his trust continues to build when he sees that his parents do come back, just as they promised.
Daniel Goes to School Daniel joins his friends Prince Wednesday, Katerina Kittycat, O the Owl and Miss Elaina at school, but doesn't want his Dad to leave, until Dad Tiger reminds him that ‘grown-ups come back.’ Miss Elaina is missing her mom and has lost her special locket with her mom’s picture in it. The children help Miss Elaina find her locket. Before long the school day is over and, just as promised, the grown-ups come back to take their children home.
104 September 5, 2012 Daniel Gets Mad Daniel Tiger and his friend Prince Wednesday are very excited to play at the beach today. But then it rains, and Mom Tiger says they cannot play outside, making them very mad. Mom Tiger helps the boys with their mad feelings and find ways to calm down and think. They take a deep breath, count to 4, and that helps them make a grr-ific new plan — to make an inside beach instead!
Katerina Gets Mad Daniel and his friends are excited to be able to try the new instruments at Music Man Stan’s Music Shop. Katerina Kittycat really wants to play the triangle. She gets very, very mad when someone else picks the instrument she wants to play. Music Man Stan helps Katerina find ways to deal with her mad feelings – like taking a deep breath, counting to 4 – and then dancing and stomping and singing.
105 September 6, 2012 Prince Wednesday Finds a Way to Play Friends Daniel and Katerina Kittycat are playing “house” today at school. Prince Wednesday wants to play too, but he wants to be a loud dinosaur. Katerina tells him that loud dinosaurs are not allowed! He’ll wake the baby! The friends work on finding a way to play together, and Prince Wednesday joins in by pretending to be a quiet, friendly dinosaur.
Finding a Way to Play on Backwards Day Friends Daniel and O the Owl are at Miss Elaina’s house in the Museum-Go-Round today. She’s very excited because she has planned a special “backwards day.” But O isn't excited about this backward playtime – in fact he’s quite uncomfortable about so many backward things. With the help of Miss Elaina’s father, Music Man Stan, the friends find a way to play together.
106 September 7, 2012 Daniel and Miss Elaina Play Rocketship Daniel has come to play with Miss Elaina today! They decide to play “outer space,” but Miss Elaina gets upset when her cardboard telescope and spaceship accidentally break. Her mother, Lady Elaine, helps the friends see that they can still have fun together, even without the toys – just because they’re friends! They use their imaginations to keep playing, which is just as much fun!
Daniel Plays at the Castle Daniel is visiting Prince Wednesday at the Castle and Daniel is excited about all the things Prince Wednesday has in his room – especially his rock collection. But the rocks aren't for playing – they’re just for looking. Daniel and Prince Wednesday learn that friendship is about more than just playing with each other’s toys – it’s about being together!
107 September 10, 2012 Friends Help Each Other Daniel spends the day at Katerina Kittycat’s house. Katerina is excited to show Daniel a birthday tea-party she set up all by herself for her stuffed animals! Katerina accidentally knocks the tea set on the floor, and is very upset that she ruined the party. Luckily, Daniel is a helpful friend and they reassemble the party together.
Daniel Helps O Tell a Story O the Owl wants to show Daniel all his books. The boys choose a very special book about dinosaurs, but they realize that the last page of the story is missing! O gets very flustered, but Daniel is a good friend and uses his imagination to make up the end of the story.
108 September 11, 2012 Something Special for Dad Daniel notices how happy Dad is to have received a letter from Grandpere. Daniel really loves Dad, so he decides to send him a letter that will make him glad too. He goes to the Post Office with Mom, where he learns how letters are sorted and mailed. He even joins Mr. McFeely on his “speedy delivery” to give Dad the very special letter!
I Love You, Mom Daniel wants to surprise Mom Tiger with her favorite banana bread because he knows it is one way to say “I love you.” Dad and Daniel head to Baker Aker’s Bakery, where they learn about the bread-making process. Daniel and Dad Tiger surprise Mom and she happily shares the banana bread gift with them too!
109 September 12, 2012 A Trip to the Enchanted Garden The Tiger family is making strawberry pancakes for breakfast this morning, but when Mom looks more closely in the kitchen, she realizes there are no more strawberries left. They all head to the Enchanted Garden, where Mom Tiger shows Daniel the strawberry patch. Daniel is very curious, and learns that if he looks closely, he may be able to answer his own questions about how strawberries grow and learn something new.
A Trip to the Crayon Factory Daniel Tiger, Miss Elaina, and Katerina Kittycat take a fun trip to the factory to see how crayons are made but, O the Owl can’t come because he’s sick. At the factory, the kids watch the crayons being made, and Daniel looks and listens closely. Daniel has an idea to take pictures at the factory and give them to O at the end of the day, so that O can learn about crayons too!
110 September 13, 2012 Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car Daniel and his friends are playing together in the park. Daniel has a new toy car and struggles to share it with the others. But in the end, Daniel learns that sharing is easy when he knows he will get his special toy back.
Katerina Shares Her Tutu Daniel is playing at Katerina’s house and the friends decide to perform a Jungle Dance show. Daniel wants to be a lion, while Katerina decides to be a dancing flower, but both need the same tutu for their costume. Luckily, with Henrietta’s help they find a way to share the tutu and perform a grr-ific Jungle Dance show!
111 September 17, 2012 Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty Prince Wednesday is in the block corner at school building the “tallest tower in the world!” Even though he needs to go to the bathroom, he doesn't want to stop what he is doing. He learns how important it is to stop and go right away.
Daniel Goes to the Potty Dad’s trumpet is broken, so he takes Daniel along to Music Man Stan’s Shop to get it fixed. While at the shop, Daniel needs to use the bathroom, but thinks he will have to wait until they get home. Music Man Stan explains that everyone goes to the bathroom, and Daniel learns that he can use the bathroom there – or anywhere else in the neighborhood!
112 September 18, 2012 Fruit Picking Day Daniel and his friends are enjoying a Fruit Festival in the Enchanted Garden. Prince Wednesday grows upset because his big brother Prince Tuesday can pick the highest fruit off the tree branches, but he can’t. He wishes he wasn't so little! Then, when the festival-goers spot a very special magical golden pear on the ground, Prince Wednesday is the only one little enough to reach it.
Daniel is Big Enough to Help Dad Dad Tiger is building a playhouse, and Daniel wants to help out. Daniel is frustrated that he is not big enough to use the grown up tools. Dad Tiger shows Daniel that there are things he can do to help that he’s just the right size for.
113 October 5, 2012 Daniel Waits for Show and Tell Daniel is so excited to share a book he made with his class at “show and tell,” but he’s finding it very difficult to wait. He finds that singing on Trolley, playing during science time and imagining make the waiting much easier!
A Night Out at the Restaurant Daniel and his family are going out to dinner, and Katerina is coming too. Daniel and Katerina have a hard time waiting at the restaurant, but soon learn ways to make the waiting time easier…and even fun!
114 October 25, 2012 Thank You, Grandpere Tiger Grandpere Tiger comes to visit, but is only in town for a short while. Daniel is sad that Grandpere can’t come to the special Thank You Day celebration later that day. Daniel learns to be thankful for the time they DO have together, and is then surprised when Grandpere appears at the celebration after all!
Neighborhood Thank You Day The neighborhood celebrates Thank You Day by putting notes in the Thank You Tree. Daniel has trouble deciding what to put in his note. Then, when a gust of wind blows the notes off of the tree, Mr. McFeely saves the day by catching and delivering everybody’s thank you notes!
115 October 26, 2012 The Neighborhood Votes The Tiger family is going to Clock Factory Park today to hear a big announcement from King Friday. Daniel has to make several choices throughout the day, culminating in one BIG group decision: King Friday announces that the kids can choose one new piece of playground equipment and everyone gets to speak up for what they want by voting!
The Class Votes At school, Daniel and his classmates get to choose their new class pet! Teacher Harriet explains that they can either get a bunny or a turtle. The kids learn what it means to ‘vote’ and that sometimes it doesn't always turn out your way. Luckily, ALL of the kids find something to love about their new pet, ‘Snowball’!
116 November 19, 2012 Be a Vegetable Taster! Teacher Harriet introduces Daniel and his friends to the school’s vegetable garden and convinces them to pick out some healthy veggies for their snack. They explore the garden, picking and trying different vegetables…with mixed results!
Daniel Tries a New Food Miss Elaina is having dinner with the Tiger family and she encourages Daniel to try some new food: Veggie Spaghetti and Banana Swirl. Daniel is convinced he won’t like Veggie Spaghetti, even though he’s never tried it before. Miss Elaina encourages him to be adventurous and try the new food. She does the same herself, and even though she doesn't like all of it, she’s proud of herself for trying.
117 December 17, 2012 Good Morning, Daniel It’s a typical morning in the Tiger household, and Daniel has to get up for school but his playing and imagining distract him from his routine. Daniel learns that his morning routine helps him be ready in time for Trolley to take him to school.
Goodnight, Daniel Tonight, Daniel is pretending to be Super Daniel! But after dinner, he has to follow his nighttime routine even though he would rather play. Young viewers follow Daniel as he gets ready for bed and eventually he learns that even super heroes get sleepy.
118 February 1, 2013 Daniel Gets a Shot Daniel has an appointment at the doctor today and he has to get a shot. He is very apprehensive and does not want to go. So Daniel asks Mom Tiger questions about the shot, and she shares her trick for staying brave in scary situations. And Daniel finds that the shot was not so bad after all!
A Stormy Day Daniel and O the Owl are having fun playing outside in the rain until a thunderstorm builds up and worries them. When Mom Tiger teaches them to think of something happy, O and Daniel learn that the thunderstorm is not so scary after all!
119 February 11, 2013 Daniel Plays Ball Daniel, Miss Elaina and Prince Wednesday are at the park with Prince Tuesday. They decide to play a game with a ball. Daniel struggles to catch the ball and gets very frustrated. All of his friends remind him to keep on trying and finally, he succeeds!
O Builds a Tower In the block corner at school, O the Owl is determined to use all of the blocks to build the tallest tower in the world. After many failed attempts, he is frustrated, but Teacher Harriet and O's friends encourage him to try once again.
120 February 12, 2013 Daniel's Sleepover Daniel and his parents go to Prince Wednesday’s castle for a family sleepover. When Daniel and Prince Wednesday go through their bedtime routines together, Daniel realizes how different it is sleeping at Prince Wednesday’s castle. As bedtime nears, Daniel and Prince Wednesday notice some things that are just a little bit scary... but they soon learn that once they investigate further, they actually aren't scary at all!
Backyard Camping Daniel and O the Owl are camping in the yard with Dad Tiger and O is a little hesitant to sleep in this unfamiliar setting. However, once he examines this new setting closely, he learns that it's not so scary! In fact, different can be fun!
121 February 14, 2013 You Are Special O the Owl wants to be like the others while putting on a show at school.
Daniel is Special Daniel takes a walk with Dad Tiger, who reminds him why he's special.
122 April 1, 2013 The Dragon Dance Daniel and his 4 Friends learn about teamwork when they help Teacher Harriet with an art project.
Teacher Harriet's Birthday Daniel and his 4 Friends learn about cooperation when they decorate the classroom on Teacher Harriet's birthday.
123 April 22, 2013 Clean Up Time Mom Sees Daniel's Mess. Daniel loses his watch in his messy room.
Neighborhood Clean Up King Friday Tells Everyone works together to clean up the playground after a wind storm makes a mess of it.
124 May 3, 2013 Play Pretend Daniel and his four friends come up with creative backstories for a big cardboard box.
Super Daniel Daniel has imaginary adventures when he and Grandpère take Dad's lunchbox to the clock factory.
125 May 20, 2013 Daniel Uses His Words Daniel learns how to express his feelings.
All Aboard Katerina learns people can't help her if they can't understand why she is upset.
126 May 21, 2013 The Royal Sandbox Daniel and Prince Wednesday apologize to Prince Tuesday for playing with his crown without asking.
Daniel Says I'm Sorry Daniel, Katerina and Miss Elaina learn how to apologize.
127 May 22, 2013 It's Time to Go Katerina and Daniel have so much fun in the treehouse that they don't want to leave.
Daniel Doesn't Want to Stop Playing Daniel wants to keep playing a game with Mom and Dad instead of working on a school project.
128 July 15, 2013 Safety Patrol The children learn about traffic signs and practice safety on a walk around the Neighborhood.
Safety at the Beach Daniel and Katerina learn that to stay safe near the water they need to stop and listen.
129 September 2, 2013 Neighbor Day Daniel performs his first good deed that starts a chain reaction of kindness all around the Neighborhood.
130 September 3, 2013 Calm for Storytime Prince Wednesday has difficulty remaining quiet at the library because he doesn't realize that the people who read at the library need concentration.
Calm at the Clock Factory Daniel's excitement over his visit to his father's Clock Factory with his friends gets the best of him.
131 September 27, 2013 Daniel's New Friend Daniel and Miss Elaina meet Prince Wednesday's cousin Chrissie during a playdate at the castle.
Same and Different While Daniel is playing dress up with his friends at school, he feels different when he realizes that not everyone has a tail like him.
132 October 28, 2013 Katerina's Costume Katerina has difficulty choosing something to wear on Dress Up Day.
Dress Up Day The children wear costumes at the Dress Up Day Parade.
133 November 25, 2013 Snowflake Day For the Snowflake Day Show, Daniel dresses up in a snowflake costumes.
134 December 2, 2013 A Snowy Day When it snows in the neighborhood, Daniel learns the importance of wearing proper clothes.
Tutu All the Time Katerina learns there is a time and place to wear her tutu.
135 January 20, 2014 Daniel Gets a Cold Daniel gets a cold, which causes him to stay home and miss Prince Wednesday's birthday party.
Mom Tiger is Sick When Mom Tiger gets sick, Dad Tiger and Daniel must finish her Fruit Picking Day invitations.
136 February 17, 2014 Duckling Goes Home Daniel and his classmates are sad to learn that their classroom pet has to go home.
Daniel Feels Left Out Daniel is very sad when O and Katerina play all day without him, making him feel left out.
137 February 18, 2014 Daniel Gets Frustrated Daniel becomes frustrated when he is unable to do what he wants to do.
Frustration at School Daniel becomes upset when he can't find a toy at school.
138 February 19, 2014 Daniel is Jealous When Grandpere gives more attention to Katerina, Daniel becomes jealous of her.
Jealousy at the Treehouse Daniel and Katerina become jealous of O's science tools.
139 February 20, 2014 Someone Else's Feelings Mom Tiger helps Daniel recognize what somebody else might be feeling.
Empathy at School Chrissie loses a bracelet at school and Daniel helps her find it.
140 February 21, 2014 Line Leader Daniel At school, Daniel wants the job of being line leader.
Neighborhood Jobs When X the Owl gets sick, Mom Tiger and Daniel fill in for him as the neighborhood librarians.