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Prince Wednesday
Prince Wednesday.JPEG
Gender Male
Animal Human
Age 4
Voice Actor Nicholas Kaegi (Season 1)

Jaxon Mercey (Season 2 - Season 4)

Callum Shoniker (Season 5)

Jackson Reid (Season 6-onwards)

Relatives *King Friday (father)
Occupation Actor
Television show host
Hair color Brown
Cartoon debut Daniel's Brithday
Prince Wednesday is a boisterous young prince who made his first appearance in the episode Daniel's Birthday . The best friend of Daniel Tiger , Wednesday is always ready to have fun. His parents are King Friday and Queen Sarah Saturday. His older brother is named Prince Tuesday. He has a cousin around the same age named Chrissie


Prince Wednesday likes to show off magic tricks as well as entertain, impress, and make his friends laugh with jokes and other tricks. He does all of this with his signature smile.


Prince Wednesday is a boy who wears a purple sweater, purple pants with a brown belt that has the letter "W" meaning his name for short, and purple boots. He wears a gold crown on his head and wears a golden cape. He is also seen wearing navy blue small round framed glasses as well.



  • He is the first character in the series to have glasses (the second being Mr. McFeely, and the third being Nana Platypus).
  • In Daniel's Sleepover, he can be sometimes seen without his crown at all, which leaves only the glasses.
  • He, Jodi, and Max are the only ones of Daniel's friends who have siblings, like him(Daniel).
  • He shares the same name as Wensday Addams from the Addams family.