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Leo and Teddy Platypus
Leo teddy01.jpg
Gender Male (boys)
Animal Platypus
Age presumed to be approximately two
Voice Actor Teddy: Bryn McAuley Leo: Milo Torriel-McGibbon
Relatives Doctor Platypus (mother)
Jodi Platypus (older sister)
Nana Platypus (maternal grandmother)
Hair color None
Cartoon debut The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor?

Leo and Teddy Platypus are identical twins brothers to the Platypus family. Leo & Teddy share a bedroom with their older sister, Jodi. Now they have their own 2 beds, since they had cribs but now have big-kid beds since they are 2 and old enough for them because they're little toddlers so they don't know how to ask first like big kids do. Leo and Teddy really do love their older sister, Jodi. They're a really special family. But their older sister is Jodi Platypus and their mother is Doctor Platypus. Their voice actors has not yet been confirmed yet, while their older sister Jodi, is voiced by her voice actress Laalibah.


  • sharing bedroom with sister
  • singing
  • playing timber
  • sitting in high chairs for meals
  • sleeping in cribs at naptime
  • Nana and Mama coming back home


Seeing mama and nana leave