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Lady Elaine Fairchilde
Lady elaine bug antennas.png
Gender Female
Animal Human
Age 35
Voice Actor Teresa Pavlinek
Relatives *Music Man Stan (husband)
Occupation Factory worker
Hair color Blonde
Cartoon debut Daniel Visits School
Mister Rogers Character Page
Lady Elaine Fairchilde is the lovely wife of Music Man Stan and mother of Miss Elaina in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Lady Elaine originally appeared in puppet form in the original show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.


In the original series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Lady Elaine worked at her Museum-Go-Round, creating inventions and running this all-in-one museum and merry-go-round. However, in "A Trip to the Crayon Factory," she conducts a tour of the crayon factory, meaning that she most likely works at this factory in the cartoon series.


Lady Elaine has short blonde hair and her skin is pale. She’s also has blue eyes.

Other (what her debut looks like)

In the original series, she was a cranky schemer, but her personality is the complete opposite in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.


  • She’s blonde.
  • Lady Elaine's voice is by Teresa Pavlinek. She also voices Henrietta.
  • She’s the only member of the Museum Goround family with a different tone of skin.