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Katerina Kittycat
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Age 4
Voice Actor Amariah Faulkner (Seasons 1-3)
Jenna Weir (Season 4-Present.)
Relatives Henrietta Pussycat (mother)
Occupation Dancer
Hair color white
Cartoon debut Daniel's Birthday

Katerina Kittycat is a character in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Daniel’s other best friend. Katerina is shown to love playing dress up and pretend, but likes ballet the most. When she likes something or is excited about something she will often twirl. Katerina is the daughter of Henrietta Pussycat, who appeared in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe in the long-running series "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood". Henrietta had since grown up and has her daughter. They both live in a tree along with their neighbor O the Owl and his Uncle X.

Description or Appearance

Katerina is an imaginative young female kitten with white fur with gray stripes. She wears a light and dark green knee-length dress with yellow buttons, a light green bow tie on her head, a pale yellow camisole, pink panties, white ankle-high socks and green and white sneakers with yellow colored laces. She wears a variety of different apparel outlined in the gallery below. When Katerina is at the beach, she wears a green two piece bathing suit, that is tutu like, and had a pink bow on the middle of it. (Like her tutu)


  • O the Owl- Alongside Resident/Good Friend/Best Friend/Classmate
  • Daniel- Classmate and Best Friend.



  • Katerina scatters the word "meow" throughout her sentences in the same manner that her mother did in "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood".
  • Both of her voice actresses also plays Agent O'Malley and the Puppy Master from another Fred Rogers Company television show.
  • Her name rhymes with a ballerina, a reference to why she likes to dance.

Alternate Apparel Gallery