Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Wiki

It's A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood is a 2-minute spin-off series of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood focusing on different characters of the show and their everyday lives.


  1. Prince Wednesday's Glasses
  2. Chrissie's Horseback Ride
  3. Teacher Harriet's Morning Stretch
  4. Baby Margaret's Wheels On The Trolley Song
  5. Baker Aker's Dance
  6. Katerina's Bedtime Book
  7. Music Man Stan's Bowling Game
  8. O The Owl's Telescope
  9. Miss Elaina's Nature Notebook
  10. Mom Tiger's Swingset
  11. Leo & Teddy's Pat-A-Cake Song
  12. Jodi's Box Tunnel
  13. O & Katerina's Picture Pulley
  14. Dr. Plat's Mural
  15. Prince Tuesday's Comic Book
  16. Dad Tiger's Models
  17. Dr. Anna's Recipe
  18. Prince Wednesday's Pet Rock Rocky
  19. Mom Tiger's Ice Treats
  20. Miss Elaina's Backwards Game
  21. Chrissie's Rock Hunt
  22. Nana's Quilt
  23. X & O's Thank You Jar
  24. Max & Amira's Bus Station
  25. Happy Birthday To You, Neighbor! From Daniel Tiger!
  26. King Friday's Recycled Wind Chime
  27. Katerina's Ladybug Lunch
  28. Jodi's Toothbrushing Song
  29. Music Man Stan's Cape Costumes
  30. Grandpere's Garden
  31. Amira's Seashells At The Beach
  32. Mr. McFeely's Special Delivery At The Post Office
  33. Dr. Plat's Play Clay
  34. Prince Wednesday & Queen Sarah Saturday's Come On & Wake Up Now Song
  35. Henrietta's Campout Camping Game
  36. Teacher Harriet's Puzzles
  37. I'm Proud Of You Song
  38. Lady Elaine's Yo-Yo Trick