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"Friends Help Each Other"


Original Airdate

September 10, 2012

Production Number


Story by

Angela C. Santomero
Becky Friedman


Wendy Harris

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Daniel Plays at the Castle


Daniel Helps O Tell a Story

Friends Help Each Other is the first half of episode seven of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It aired on September 10, 2012, along with Daniel Helps O Tell a Story.


Katerina shows Daniel a birthday tea-party she set up for her stuffed animals and accidentally knocks it over!


The episode starts off with Daniel who is onboard Trolley heading for the Treehouse.

Daniel has been invited by Katerina Kittycat to a pretend tea party at the treehouse. Katerina comes down from the treehouse and greets Daniel along with her mother Henrietta Pussycat. The two friends go into the room where the tea party was set up by Katerina. Katerina introduces Daniel to her stuffed toy animals (Katerina's stuffed toy animals include a bear, a monkey, and a pig).

Both Daniel and Katerina soon put on party hats and give the stuffed animals the same as well. They soon needed additional chairs, so when Katerina tries to lift one of the heavy ones she struggles with it. Daniel offers to help Katerina, but she declines the help. Katerina manages to lift the heavy chair, but it proves to be too much for her as she slammed the chair right into the table, knocking down all the teacups. Katerina soon feels sad that everything she worked on was now on the floor.

Soon her mother comes in and both she and Daniel sing a song about friends helping each other and afterwards Katerina feels much better. Daniel offers to help Katerina pick up the teacups and after they picked up all the teacups Katerina hugs Daniel and thanks him for helping her.

Katerina's mother brings in the teapot which contains water and Katerina proceeds to pour water into one of the cups for her stuffed animals, but she struggles with the teapot as it was heavy. She then went to get muffins while Daniel imagined playing tea party with the stuffed animals, which came to life. When Katerina comes back with the muffins she and Daniel sit down, and she starts pouring water. The water however is poured onto the muffins and onto the table.

Katerina is even sadder and even starts to cry before Daniel sings the song about friends helping each other again. The song makes Katerina feel better. Daniel then tells her he will help her clean up the water from the table. After they cleaned the water off the table, Katerina hugs Daniel again and thanks him for helping her. The two friends proceed to have their tea and the two soon start singing the song once more. After the song ends Daniel thanks the viewers for helping and the episode ends.


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  • This is the first episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood in which Henrietta Pussycat speaks.