Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Wiki
Daniel Striped Tiger
Gender Male
Animal Tiger
Voice Actor Ted Dykstra
Relatives Collette Tiger (wife)

Daniel Tiger (son)
Margaret Tiger (daughter)
Grandpere Tiger (father)
Johanna Tiger (mother)

Occupation Trumpet Player



Hair color Light Brown
Cartoon debut Daniel's Birthday

Daniel Striped Tiger aka Dad Tiger is the father of Daniel Tiger and Margaret Tiger, the husband of Collette Tiger and the son of Grandpere Tiger and Johanna Tiger.


The character is originally from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, where he appeared in puppet form as a child. In the cartoon series Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, he’s now all grown up with a wife and two children. He works at the clock factory.


Daniel Striped Tiger is a light brown tiger with dark brown stripes. He wears a blue sweater, blue sneakers and his trademark watch that he also wore in the original series as a puppet. He also wears a camera around his neck most of the time and takes pictures of his family often.


He enjoys playing the trumpet. His favorite object is a camera.

  • He now has two kids.