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Gender Female
Animal Human
Age 6
Voice Actor Matilda Gilbert
Relatives *King Friday (uncle)
Occupation Student, Queen, Dancer, Actress, Instructor
Hair color Dark Brown
Cartoon debut Daniel's New Friend

Chrissie is the niece of King Friday and Queen Sarah Saturday and the cousin of Prince Wednesday and Prince Tuesday. She also befriends Daniel and Miss Elaina.

She is based on Chrissy Thompson from Mister Roger's Neighborhood.

During one of the interstitials she introduces her female horse Peaches, explaining her name refers to her soft fur. Chrissie is able to ride Peaches but needs some assistance to climb aboard her back.

What she looks like

Chrissie has fair skin. Her long, dark brown waist-length slightly-curled hair is seen tied up in a higher ponytail attached with a pink headband to match the style. She also wears an aqua-green school dress with white and lighter pink details added to it, and pink-strapped sandals.

Chrissie wears metal braces around her legs to help stabilize her for standing. She also sometimes uses forearm crutches to help move around, but is able to stand stationary without them.




  • Her voice actress also voices Posie from Little Charmers

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